Service and fabrication staff are well versed with the design, fabrication and installation of all piping systems, including those made from Pexal, copper, stainless steel, cupro-nickel and steel.

A precision jigging table allows engineers to accurately measure samples and components, and align new pipework. The table's accuracy, coupled with a range of clamps, straight edges and extensions, enables copies of existing pipework to be made with relative ease.

Our fabricators are well versed in the intricacies associated wih adapting new components to existing systems that may be in poor condition, or made from different materials. Their can-do attitude and skills enable us to guarantee every job.

Fabrication staff take great pride in producing a superyacht finish when given the opportunity; in this case you will find our workmanship second to none. They have completed a wide variety of work on a range of vessels that required exceptonal finishes.

Naturally, fabricators have the appropriate tickets and certification required to meet class society regulations.


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