hose products


GMS Store specialises in high-quality marine hose, air ducting and pipes for plumbing. It stocks a range of hose sizes, from ¼ inch (6mm) through to 12 inches (304mm) internal diameter, across a range of materials (PVC, rubber and silicon). Each type of hose is designed and constructed to meet specific operational demands, such as wet exhaust, sanitation, bilge pumping, potable water, high-pressure, heater applications, live-bait tank, deck wash and lay-flat stowage.

Trident Rubber is GMS Store’s primary hose brand; it is recognised and requested by the marine sector because it assures high-quality and long-term reliability. In many instances, Trident has approvals which makes it acceptable to commercial marine surveyors, and reassures private boat owners it is a long-lasting product that is entirely fit-for-purpose (Lloyds, ABYC, USCG, CE and SAE).

GMS Store stocks alternative hose brands in selected types and sizes, when that hose fills a gap in Trident’s range, or offers a specification that meets different parameters.

GMS Store also stocks a range of VHT silicon hose in straight lengths, and as single-hump hoses. It also keeps selected stocks of double-hump hoses, 45 degree elbows and 90-degree elbows. An extensive range of Mikalor and Trident hose clamps are kept in store to compliment the hose and hump-hose range.

GMS Service is available to install, service or maintain any plumbing, ballast, bilge, exhaust, heating or air conditioning system.