TruDesign is an innovative New Zealand company that manufactures a range of composite skin fittings, marine valves and marine plumbing fittings. The company was established in 1974 and it has ISO 9001 certification. Their products are CE, Bureau Veritas and ABYC certified.

Their composite products are formed from a matrix of nylon and glass fibre reinforcements. This mix makes the fittings lightweight, corrosion free, inert in terms of electrolysis and galvanic action, chemical resistant, and strong. They are also heat resistant; TruDesign ball valves have passed USA Federal Regulations, whereby sample valves were subjected to 648° Celsius applied within 1 inch of the valve, for a period of 2.5 minutes. The valves charred on some surfaces, but remained fully functional and leak free to pass the test. Fittings produced in a white matrix have additional UV resistance to provide long life in exposed exterior situations.

The skin fittings and ball valves are certified to ISO Standard 9093-2, which requires the skin fitting and valve to withstand side loadings equivalent to hanging a 155kg weight off the end of the fitting. TruDesign also produces a load bearing collar that increases a skin fitting’s ability to withstand side-forces by more than three times the requirement of ISO 9093-2.

In addition to skin fittings and ball valves, TruDesign produces a comprehensive range of plumbing fittings that include tank fittings, solenoid valves, non-return valves, vented loops, joiners, elbows, tees, tailpieces, caps, plugs and kit-set manifolds.

All fittings are available with parallel BSP threads, and TruDesign is working on expanding its range of fittings with NPT threads.

GMS Store stocks the BSP range and, if available, can source the NPT fittings overnight.