VALVES - many types, brands and materials

GMS Store stocks seven brands of valves across four types of material; bronze, stainless steel, brass and glass reinforced nylon (plastic). Within that range, the types of valves, and their function, vary widely. They include ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, flanged valves, L-port and 3-way valves, swing and spring check valves, foot valves, solenoid valves and pressure reducing valves.

In addition to the extensive range held in stock, GMS Store has the contacts and experience to source valves, and valve spares, from around the world. This valve supply network was developed while serving New Zealand refit yards, boat-builders and marine engineers, local boat owners, international cruisers and visiting superyachts. GMS Store has supplied virtually every type of valve across a large range of applications, from micro-size needle valves to large butterfly valves installed in an exhaust system. Valves can be ordered with selected thread, flange, pressure and temperature specifications.

Some of the brand names GMS Store processes on a regular basis are: Guidi, Apollo, TruDesign, Hansen, Bonomi, Caleffi, Burkert, Bermad, Banjo, Philmac, Econosto, Keystone, Tyco, Apex, Asco, Bray and Titon.

GMS Service is available to install, service or rebuild any plumbing, fuel or exhaust system that involves a valve or pump.