Hansen has been in business over 60 years. It started making brass plumbing fittings, then switched its entire product range over to glass fibre reinforced nylon (“plastic”) in the 1970s.

The True Fit Threaded Pipe Fitting range stocked by GMS Store, is one of Hansen’s significant product lines. These fittings are durable, high strength and approved for use with drinking water; they satisfy AS/NZS 4020 Standard, and have been tested by The Water Research Council, UK. Hansen threaded fittings are also suited for use with diesel, petrol, oil, detergents and saltwater.

Hansen's range of Full Flow Ball Valves have been designed for use in, above, or below ground in fluid distribution lines. The valves are strong, lightweight, compact and provide smooth unrestricted leak free on/off control. The Hansen Full Flow Ball Valve range will function across a wide range of operating pressures and temperatures and can be used anywhere the flow of liquid needs to be stopped or started. Hansen’s Ball Valves have been approved by the International Marine Certification Institute to ISO standard 9093-2, and they meet the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC.

Depending on the size of the fitting, the threaded plumbing fittings and full-flow valves are rated up to 10, 12 or 16 Bar (145 – 235 PSI) at 20 degrees Celsius. The threads are BSP tapered, and a thread sealant should be used on all threaded connections. Hansen recommend Loctite 5331. As with any plumbing installation, all pipe work must be adequately supported.

True Fit Threaded Fittings: 6mm to 100mm (1/8" to 4”)
True Fit Tank Fittings: 15mm to 100mm (½" to 4")
Quick Connect Unions: 15mm to 50mm (½" to 2")
Full Flow Ball Valves: 15mm to 50mm (½" to 2")
Foot Valves & Check Valves: 25mm to 63mm (1" to 2½").