Centek Industries (USA) custom-builds fibreglass marine exhaust systems suitable for engines up to 6,000hp. However, Centek made its start in the ski-boat industry in 1962, and it produces a range of standard off-the-shelf mufflers, separators, check valves, elbows, reducers and exhaust tubes suitable for smaller engines and vessels.

Centek products are Lloyd’s Register Type approved, ABS Type Approved and they exceed American Boat and Yacht Council guidelines for wet exhaust systems. Components are built from high temperature resin with fire retardant additives that create a self-extinguishing laminate.

Fibreglass exhaust tubing is measured by the outside diameter, so that it is compatible with hose of the same diameter. For example, a 4 inch OD fibreglass tube will sleeve inside a 4 inch rubber hose (hose is measured by internal diameter). The inside surface of the exhaust tube is smooth to promote the free flow of gases and reduce back-pressure.

  • GMS Store stocks a range of exhaust tube between 1.5" and 10" outside diameter (OD).
  • Exhaust tubes larger than 10" OD are available to order.
  • GMS Store stocks elbows and reducers in the smaller sizes, and some mufflers and separators.
  • All other Centek products can be indented by request.