Cummins Onan is a global leader in manufacturing mobile generator sets and power products.

GMS is the authorised New Zealand and South Pacific Island distributor for the Cummins Onan brand of generators sized between 2.5kW and 80kW. They are suitable for powering:

  • marine applications such as recreational vessels, superyachts, commercial vessels, research vessels and barges
  • commercial-mobile applications such as coffee, food, workshop, communication, showroom, health, police and civil defence operations
  • recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • home-standby installations

Various specifications, such as 50Hz or 60Hz, single-phase or three-phase, negative earth, positive earth or isolated earth return and 12v or 24v starting, are available. Some are available with or without sound-shells. The vast majority of models are powered by diesel engines, although petrol models are available under 5kW.

  • GMS Store stocks a range of Cummins Onan 50Hz generators, and spare parts for many 50Hz models. It has access to the Cummins Onan global distribution network to order generators and parts not held in stock.
  • GMS Service is available to install, service or repair Cummins Onan generators.