During the last 20 years GMS has serviced, repaired, or sold most brands of watermakers available in New Zealand. Our service division, GMS Service, has a wealth of experience, a dedicated watermaker test facility that can test high pressure pumps prior to and after rebuilding them, and check membranes for flow rate and water output quality.

GMS Store sells Tecnicomar and Dessalator watermakers as well as parts for these brands. Due to the many and varied models within the brand range, parts for Tecnicomar and Dessalator are indented from Europe.

GMS Store stocks three sizes of membranes that are commonly used by many watermaker brands. They are high-quality Dow membranes made in the USA. The three most common membrane sizes are: 2521, 2540 and 4040. The first two digits describe the membrane’s diameter (25=2.5 inches, 40=4.0 inches) and the last two digits describe the membrane’s length (21=21 inches). The 4 digit code describes the size of the membrane inside the high pressure housing, not the external size of the high pressure housing. A watermaker may have one or more high pressure housings/membranes, depending on the unit’s output.

GMS Store stocks a wide range of 5, 10 and 20 micron pre-filters which filter the saltwater before it reaches the high-pressure pump and membrane(s). The high-pressure pump within a watermaker is generally a known-brand high pressure pump produced by another manufacturer. GMS Store has links to these manufacturers and can source spares, complete wet-ends, electric motors or complete high-pressure pumps as required.

Feed-pumps, which supply high volume, low pressure saltwater to the high-pressure pump (which does not have much lift or suction ability) are also generally a known-brand pump produced by another manufacturer. GMS Store can provide a suitable feed pump off-the-shelf in many instances.