GMS Store sells Exalto cutlass bearings, and Tides Marine SureSeal shaft and rudder bearings and seals. GMS Service installs and services all types of propeller shaft bearings, and rudder bearings, and any type of shaft seal. It can also replace propeller shafts, struts, couplings and rudders. The Exalto bearings are suitable for installation in a fixed stern gland and/or a fixed strut. They are made from phenolic or phenolic with a brass casing, and are available in metric and imperial sizes. GMS Store stocks the most commonly used sizes (phenolic only). Other sizes and types can be ordered in overnight. The self-aligning, drip-free type of stern gland which is fixed to the stern tube by a flexible hose, is made by Tides Marine. They are fitted to many American, Australian and New Zealand built boats.

The lip seal is carried in a one-piece, fibre-reinforced composite housing that also houses a water lubricated PTFE shaft alignment bearing. The housing is connected to the stern tube by an articulating hose, resulting in a very simple installation, and a self-aligning fitting. The flexible hose reduces the side loads on the seal if shaft misalignment occurs, and extends the life of the bearing and lip seal.

A spare lip seal can be installed inside a small shaft collar when the bearing housing is installed, or when an original seal is replaced with a new one. The shaft collar carrying the spare seal is fixed to the shaft ahead of the bearing carrier, and it rotates with the shaft. This allows the spare shaft seal to be installed without the need to uncouple the shaft, or the expense of removing the vessel from the water.

GMS Store sells complete SureSeal packages for new installations or refits, and spare seals to maintain existing installations. When making an enquiry about a spare seal you will need to know the exact shaft size because shafts are made in both metric and imperial sizes. If the articulating hose, or a whole complete unit is required, the outside diameter of the stern tube / shaft log is also required to order the correct parts.