Bauer is a German manufacturer that designs and builds high-quality compressors of all types and sizes, including compressors that deliver medical gases throughout hospitals. Bauer’s range of small compressors, designed to refill dive bottles to 225 bar and fire-fighting rebreather bottles to 330 bar, are accepted throughout the world as the most reliable and trustworthy in these fields.

Bauer’s entry-level dive compressor is the PE100, in the sense it is the lightest and smallest of their dive compressors. The price reflects its manual operation and basic features, however the compressor and motor are exactly the same as fitted to the higher specification Junior II.

The Junior II is Bauer’s most popular dive compressor. It comes standard with a B-Timer that shows how much life is left in the primary air filter. Additional options include automatic condensate drain and an auto-stop that turns-off the compressor when the bottle is full. Fill time is subject to temperature, humidity and bottle volume, but as a general rule of thumb, two bottles can be filled in little less than an hour.

The Oceanus is the next compressor in Bauer’s dive compressor line-up. It shares the same primary filtration system with the Junior II, but has a larger compressor which delivers a 40% faster filling rate.

  • GMS Store stocks the PE100 and Junior II in 230v single phase options.
  • All other options, including the Oceanus models and 330 bar fire-fighting rebreathing compressors, are available with additional lead time.