Beele Engineering has developed and manufactured passive fire protection materials for over 30 years. Their products include sleeves, plugs, wraps and sealants that seal off cable and piping penetrations through bulkheads and decks during a fire.

Eliminating the air supply that sustains a fire provides a secondary benefit in that the airtight seal contains the heat, smoke and toxic fumes within the area of the conflagration. This provides additional time for crew and passengers in adjacent areas to escape, and/or respond to the fire. Most fire related fatalities are caused by smoke inhalation rendering the victim unconscious before the fire reaches them.

The intumescent sleeves and wraps expand to many times their original volume during a fire, thereby preventing the transfer of heat, smoke and oxygen, even if the cable or pipe is burnt away. These sleeves and wraps can also crush and seal plastic pipework. All Beele products are non-toxic and virtually non-combustible; they will remain intact at extreme temperatures. In their neutral state (no fire), bulkhead penetrations are also watertight and smoke-tight.