Fiwa Sealant

FIWA is a fire-resistant sealant based on a single component silicone compound. FIWA is also water-repellent. High bonding strength. UV and Ozone resistant.

In the event of fire or temperatures in excess of 200 °C the sealant expands to about 10 times its original volume. During this process a porous mass is formed, which has excellent thermal insulation properties. In contrast to conventional materials that swell under severe heat exposure, the expansion of FIWA sealant is not caused by intumescent, but by chemical process (Intumescent means the occurrence of volume enlargement under the effect of heat, caused by the surface structure being inflated by fumes originating from the product).

The advantage of this is that the expansion of FIWA is not accompanied by formation of large amounts of fumes. The porous mass that is formed has excellent thermal insulation properties. FIWA is absolutely halogen free and has a low smoke index, a high oxygen index and low flame spread characteristics.