Perfo XC 30W

Elf Perfo XC 30 is a heavy duty monograde oil for diesel engines, hydraulics and transmissions where monograde engine oils are specified. Available in 5L - 20L - 60L - 208L - 1000L IBC.

Elf Perfo XC 30 is designed for use in :
  • For dedicated diesel engines working under severe conditions.
  • Provides excellent service in a wide range of diesel engines, both naturally aspirated and turbo-charged in severe service, in construction, quarrying machines, older light or heavy trucks, locomotives, and diesel stationary engines (energy production).
  • Provides good performance in transmission and hydraulic applications in civil works or construction machineries designed to operate on this type of engine oil.
Elf Perfo XC 30 offers the following benefits :
  • Balanced detergent-dispersant properties.
  • Effective control of engine wear, varnish, deposits and sludge for cleaner engines. High alkalinity reserve.
  • Improved deposit control and protection against acid residual attack induced by fuel combustion.
  • High viscosity retention and volatility control.
  • Maintain consistent oil film strength for optimum power output and minimize oil consumption.
  • Outstanding anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.
  • Protect components against wear and extend equipment life.
  • Good thermal stability.
  • Reduce oil degradation for longer oil life and lower maintenance cost.