Exhaust Gas and Water Separators

Centek offer two models of separator. The Gen-Sep should be used in conjunction with a Centek Vernalift muffler and can be located below the water line to eliminate noise from water splash. The Combo-Sep combines a Vernalift and gas/water seperator into a single unit. The Combo-Sep is recommended for above water installations and the drain must be above the loaded water line.


  • Heat-resistant materials stand up to hot wet exhaust
  • Corrosion-resistant materials ensure long component life
  • Fibreglass material not suseptible to galvanic corrosion
  • From 1 ½" up to 18" OD in/out ports

CEN GenSepSOR 200CEN GenSepSOL 200CEN GenSepSISO 200CEN ComboSep Hor 200CEN ComboSep Ver 200