Waterlock Mufflers

The Centek Vernalift waterlock was originally designed to be used in sail boats with small engines near or below the waterline. In the 1970's the quieting capabilities of the Vernalift mufflers was recognised and larger units were installed in vessels above the waterline.

The Vernalift waterlock family has expanded to be used in many varied applications and now features high temperature resin capable of handling overheating up to 177°C (350°F). It is important to size each Vernalift waterlock correctly to collect the water left in marine exhaust hose when the engine is switched off.


  • Heat-resistant materials stand up to hot wet exhaust
  • Corrosion-resistant materials ensure long component life
  • Fibreglass material not suseptible to galvanic corrosion
  • From 1 ½" up to 18" OD in/out ports

CEN Vernalift angled in top out smallCEN Vernalift S in T out medCEN Vernalift top in top outCEN VernaliftInlineCEN Vernalift Rectangular Side In