EL/Axial Blowers


The helicoidal “TIL–ELL–ELL/R” blower series are built to obtain high air flow rates at low pressure. Suitable for clean or slightly dusty air environment with temperature range from -20 °C to +80°C in continuous service.

These blowers can work in a vertical or horizontal position, allowing installation to ceiling or wall. All blowers are reversible, but they have a preferred flow direction (indicated by ‘A flux’ or ‘B flux’). The “ELL/R” version has the same performance as “TILL-ELL” but reduced drum length and consequently reduced overall dimensions, moreover the fan is normally supplied with protection grate on motor side.


  • Good delivery at low pressure
  • Painted steel
  • Protection grill
  • Reversible impeller in die-cast aluminium

Application: Engine/Technical Room
Diameter: 215mm to 1000mm 
Depth: 130mm to 400mm