Cummins Onan is the premier manufacturer of marine generators that are the most innovative on the market, making boating more trouble-free. Cummins Onan’s digital series of generators, which includes their Quiet Diesel™ models, provide the power needs of boats in an intelligent manner. User friendly diagnostic information is also available which makes servicing these generators fairly straightforward. These generators are a self-monitoring system with a flexible communication network to provide you with instantaneous information on the state of your generator and a hassle-free boating experience.


  • Digital display provides diagnostics that are user friendly and includes information on the engine, alternator, and more
  • Largest global support network in the marine generator industry
  • Frequency is electronically controlled, which is a necessity for many computers and digital appliances
  • Mounting system that is optimised to reduce vibration
  • Emissions of these marine generators is minimised and comply with the strict U.S. EPA (environmental protection agency) Tier II standards
  • Over 70 years of experience in manufacturing marine generators