Nanni shaft line engines are available from 10hp through to 760hp; they offer a mix of performance characteristics, ranging from high-torque, low-rpm engines (1800rpm), through to higher rpm engines (3600) that produce more horsepower per kilogram of weight.

Generally, the engines that operate at lower rpm are designed for demanding commercial and offshore cruising duty-cycles, while the engines that run at faster RPM are suited to recreational harbour and coastal applications, where high power output is required for a short period only, and relatively few hours per year.

Within Nanni’s six duty cycles (M1-M6), there is a mix of mechanical injection and computer controlled common rail injected engines. All are freshwater cooled with a heat exchanger to transfer the heat to the saltwater circuit; the warm saltwater is injected into the exhaust elbow to cool the exhaust system. Keel cooled options are available with many models.

All but the smallest engines offer a choice of gearbox brand, gearbox type (mechanical or hydraulic), gearbox configuration (parallel or down-angle) and gearbox ratio. The 10hp and 14hp engines are available with a TMC40 gearbox, with 2:1 or 2.6:1 ratio options.