WESTFALIA Fuel and Oily Water Separators

The OTC 2 & 3 series protects against expensive damage to engine components. The water content in the fuel or lubrication oil is reduced down to product specification values of <0.03%. The separated fuel and lubrication oil is practically free of sediment contamination down to 3 microns. The salt content in fuel oils is efficiently reduced. The separator of enclosed design is equipped with a level sight glass. The hood is removable. The machine is driven by a three-phase AC motor. Power is transferred to the bowl spindle via flat belt. All bearings are splash-lubricated from a central oil bath. 

The OTC series is available as skid mounted unit ready for very easy and fast plug & play installation or also as a loose standalone unit ideal for very tight and space restricted engine rooms and REFITS into the smallest corners. The OTC series is a superior compact and lightweight equipment which can be installed and commissioned/operated without any specialized OEM technicians.

The OTC separator and all peripheral equipment can be delivered in white painted with polished stainless steel hood so that it fits visually in your engine room.


  • Low space requirement
  • Light weight
  • Low noise level
  • Cost saving
  • Continuous operation and light phase discharge under pressure and therefore no need for additional pump
  • Less wear because all product-contact parts are made of stainless steel
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance, operation and manual cleaning
  • Comes with complete technical documentation