Vertex Multi Enviro Lube

Vertex Multi Enviro Lube is a multi-purpose penetrating and lubricating product.  Designed for use in multi purpose applications where stringent HHSE regulations are in place.  Manufactured with dearomatised solvents.  Available in aerosol – 20L to 200L.

Vertex Multi Enviro Lube is designed for use in the following applications:

  • Penetrating and lubricating product that breaks through rust and corrosion, displaces water and cleans away scale and dirt. Lubricates and restores smooth action.
  • Displaces moisture out of all electrical and ignition systems and makes it possible to start wet engines.
  • Loosens rusted parts and makes them work again.
  • Stops annoying squeaks.
  • Leaves a thin film that protects metals from corrosion induced by humidity and other corrosive atmospheres.
  • Easy repair by eliminating the need for disassembly.
  • Safe for all metals and alloys.

Vertex Multi Enviro Lube provides the following benefits :

  • Vertex Multi Enviro Lube penetrates rusted parts, lubricates sticky mechanisms, ends electrical shorts due to moisture, prevents corrosion and oxidation.
  • Penetrates quickly, even into the finest pores and cracks of the surface.

Surfaces to be treated should be clean, dry and contaminant free. For cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, use one of the Vertex Brake Clean range. Shake can thoroughly before use and spray on to surface and leave to penetrate.