Magna DD40

Vertex Magna HDX 10W40 is a complete universal lubricant for heavy diesel engines. Employing synthetic technology, manufactured from high quality PAO base stock. Manufactured for long drain intervals in European and North American engines.. It is specially designed to exceed the demands of Euro V/VI and is suitable for use in previous engine types. Designed to replace multiple engine oil types.

Vertex Magna HD-X 10W40 is designed for use in :
  • Where an ACEA E4/E6/E9, JASO DH-2 or API CJ-4 rated engine oil is required.
  • Can be used where previous API specifications are recommended.
  • It can be used where the manufacturer specifies either 10W40 or 15W40 viscosity oils.
  • It is also suitable for use in older engines requiring high performance ACEA E4/E6 oils such as Mercedes Benz Actros etc.
  • Suitable for use in the latest Euro IV and Euro V emissions European diesel engines including those that use SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) emissions systems along with those fitted with or without DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters).
  • Also suitable for use in normal or cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) systems, and 2001-on emissions engines where API CI-4 or higher oils are required.
Vertex Magna HD-X 10W40 provides the following benefits :
  • Full synthetic base oils give it high oxidation resistance leading to extended useful lifetime of the lubricant in operation. 
  • Thanks to its new additives technology, Vertex Magna HDX 10W40 provides a level of protection and cleanliness of the engine and the turbo compressor higher than other oils of its kind in the market.
  • High quality Group IV base, coupled with latest generation polymers reduces the loss of oil viscosity through shear, and avoids wear.
  • Increases Diesel Particulate Filter life and improves engine performance.
  • Compatible with SCR and EGR.
  • High TBN allows for extended oil drains of up to 100,000km.
  • High performance dispersants keep soot in suspension, reducing wear.
  • Suitable for use in mixed fleets reducing inventory costs and misapplication.
  • Easier start up than 15W engine oils, resulting in reduced wear and fuel usage.