The small Oasi Reverse Osmosis desalination plants are the unit of choice when space is an issue. They can be run from a yacht’s batteries, solar or wind power without the need for a generator and are popular on smaller saling and motor boats that want to stay free from the constraints and expenses of marinas. These new-generation watermakers use a low-pressure pump to raise water pressure to only 15 bar. The high pressure necessary to activate the reverse osmosis process (55-66 bar) is reached through an hydraulic pressure intensifier. The system allows energy saving of up to 80 % compared to conventional desalination plants as it requires only the initial energy of the low pressure pump to bring the water into the watermaker.

The OASI excels for hands-on simplicity and hight quality components like the stainless steel base, clamps and high pressure fittings. FDA compliant membranes and filters and TÜV certified lightweight carbon fibrer pressure vessels. On request the OASI can be supplied with automatic membrane flushing, electronic control box, a remote control for major comfort as well as with an activated charcoal filter to improve the taste of the produced water.


  • Low power consumption: 4.8w/litre (average)
  • Automatic pressure regulation
  • High and low pressure gauge
  • System for automatic flushing of the membranes
  • Electronic control unit with microprocessor
  • Available voltages: 12v DC / 24v DC / 230v AC (other voltages on request)
  • Easy installation, monitoring operation and maintenance