High Performance Waterproof OrcaTorches

The humble torch is no longer humble. If it’s an OrcaTorch, distributed by GMS, it is designed and built around highs and lows; high performance, high-tech, low battery draw and low maintenance.

OrcaTorch manufacture a wide range of general purpose torches (T-Series), dive torches and photographic dive lights (D-Series). All are waterproof.

They offer way more than a light beam that turns on and off. Many models offer high, medium and low output, high-powered strobe and SOS-Flash. If you need to comfortably see in the dark, you can. If you need to be noticed, you will be!

All models use second generation Cree LEDs, which provide high output and low power consumption, resulting in bright illumination and longer battery life. Batteries are either disposable, or rechargeable via USB, Wifi or mains. Pick an option that suits, and it becomes easier to keep the light on! 

Depending on model, on-off switches are rotary action or magnetically operated to ensure easy function and eliminate water ingress. Additional functions, such as the strobe light and SOS-Flash, are also magnetically switched.

The dive torches and photography lights are waterproof to 150 metres (492 feet!) and, depending on model, they have wide angle beams or spot beams providing up to 2400 lumens of illumination. The photographic lights have an extra wide beam and, to ensure even exposures, the light is evenly weighted throughout. To help record colourful images the D870 has a mix of white, red and UV LEDs.

While a robust dive torch with multiple features is an asset in any marine or outdoor setting, Orca’s Tactical range of torches (T-Series) are engineered for general-purpose use, and being waterproof to two metres depth, they are ideal on deck, working in the bilge, kayaking, camping and tramping. Compact models suitable to put in a tool kit or coat pocket are available, and so is an ultra-compact key chain torch. It’s miniature, but definitely not a toy!

OrcaTorches are available from GMS Store, 90 Gaunt St, Westhaven, Auckland. Reseller options are available. Check out www.orcatorch.com, then phone 09 309 6317 or email sales@generalmarine.co.nz.

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