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Royal Flush toilets are built around a simple, no nonsense, water jet macerator. The reliability of this technology has been proven over many years, and has been demonstrated at numerous marine shows where spectators stare in disbelief as rags, coins and even panty hose are flushed with ease.

Pressurized water is accelerated through a jet to macerate and discharge the waste. There are no complicated mechanical sewage devices to maintain. Water consumption is less than 1 US gallon per flush (3.8 litres), which strikes a balance between water conservation and effective odour control.

Pressurized water is supplied by either a dedicated pump (defined as a single station) or by a pumping station shared by multiple toilets (defined as a central system). No matter which method you choose to supply the water, you'll need a station which includes a seat, a bowl, a touch-activated time-delay switch, mounting hardware and a vented loop.

Seat/bowl assemblies are available in a range of colours (including white and black) and in a range of styles.

All components come with a five year warranty.

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